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2010 January

Congratulations to the winners of this year’s draw…

Every Xmas the Beauchamp Family organizes a contest where 2 paintings are drawn. All those who are regular customers of the Beauchamp Art Galleries may participate in this contest. The two lucky winners were determined on the 10th of January

The beautiful painting by Micheal Rozenvain, with its rich tones and intricate textures, was won by Mrs.Jocelynn Bureau who is from Quebec City. As for the stunning painting by Martin Beaupré, with its soothing colours and spiritual inclination, it was won by Mrs. Doris Tremblay who is from Ottawa. Congratulations to both of these blessed ladies. As always, there were many of the Beauchamp Art Galleries’ customers who participated. To all those of you who participated but did not win, do not despair, your chance will come!!! Better luck to all of you for next year’s draw