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2009 October

Valerie Allard has elaborated a new concept for her paintings…

Valerie Allard, a young emerging artist from Quebec City, has stayed true to her colours and technique however she has found a new subject with which she can play. Her new theme is very sensual and sultry, bringing forth all of the woman’s femininity.

As always, Valerie Allard’s paintings are ornate with that wonderful, rich texture her paintings are now known for. The glossy finish she applies as a finishing touch to accentuate part of her painting, is now found over the entire surface, transcending a velvety, satiny look to her new subject.

However, those who are avid admirers of Valerie Allard will be pleased to know that she will continue painting, as she used to, her animated flowers and her city scenes.

Come and see for yourselves what this young, talented artist has brewed in her art studio just for your amusement…What she has concocted will certainly leave you mesmerized…