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2009 May

Virtual Exhibition of Brigitte Theriault’s Fascinating Pictures…

The Beauchamp Art Galleries have the privilege of presenting a virtual exhibition of Brigitte Theriault’ s creations from the 10th to the 26th of June. Photography is a medium that is very well known to Brigitte Theriault and also one that she excels in. She studied photography at the ‘Cegep du Vieux Montreal’ as well as at Concordia University.

For the virtual exhibition, Theriault will present in exclusivity 10 original pictures that have been set on wood and covered with plexi. Brigitte Theriault’ s pictures will certainly seduce you in their manner of being simple yet very profound and poetic.

*During the exposition period, with the online purchase of a Brigitte Thériault piece, the Beauchamp family gladly offers free delivery throughout North America. For deliveries destined outside of North America, a rebate equal to the delivery cost in North America will be applied towards the regular purchase price. For any questions or comments, please call the Beauchamp Art Galleries at 418.694.2244 or toll free at 1.877.694.2244 from 9:30 am through 6 pm open everyday or contact us via email.

Martine Chassé Live at the Beauchamp Art Galleries

On the 6th and 7th of June, Martine Chassé will be painting live at the Beauchamp Art Gallery located at 53, rue St-Pierre. This Quebec artist will surely warm your hearts and fill your soul with positive energy. Her colour palette is vibrant, flamboyant, and invigorating. The subjects she chooses brings one into a state of contemplation and relaxation. While resting ones’ eyes on a Martin Chassé painting, one can almost feel the fresh breeze of summer on one’ s cheek. An appealing sensation that makes one feel on holiday all year round. Do not miss the invitation. The 6th and 7th of June at the Beauchamp Art Gallery is a date not to be missed!!! Warm welcome from the entire Beauchamp team

Martin Beaupré and the Zenga Technique…

On the week-end of the 16th and the 17th of May, Martin Beaupré, an artist from Quebec City, will be painting live in front of all those who will be present at the Beauchamp Contemporary Art gallery located at 69,rue St-Pierre and 28, rue du Sault-au-Matelot.

Martin Beaupré is famous for his exotic paintings that reflect the Asian spirit; may they be divine Gheishas, serene Buddhas, or mesmerizing Asian landscapes. He is also known for his eccentric and spiritual painting technique.

Before beginning a painting, Martin Beaupré enters a state of consciousness which resembles that of ‘meditation’. He performs certain Tai-Chi movements that put him into a trance of receptiveness. He also rids his mind of any negative thought. He then dips his paintbrush in black ink and in one single graceful gesture, he creates a bold, black swirl on the canvas before him.

The black ‘line’ which has been drawn instinctively, then becomes the focal point that triggers a painting. Beaupré carefully contemplates the bold line, referred to as the ‘Zenga technique’ which actually dates back to the old Buddhist monks, and lets himself be impregnated by it.

Moreover, Beaupré sometimes has to put the canvas away for a couple of days, in order to let his mind be enraptured by the mysterious rough draft he has been guided to draw. Always in unison with his intuition, when the bold line finally ‘speaks’ to him, when it provokes a clear finished image in his mind, he then lets all the positive energy that inhabits him guide him to create one of his many masterpieces.

It is certainly a great privilege to see Martin Beaupré while he is painting. His unusual technique and his immense spiritual nature are a blessing for the eyes.