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2009 February

Bluto and St-Aubin at Baie-St-Paul…What an Experience for the Senses!!!

On Saturday the 7th and Sunday the 8th of February, there was quite a lot of activity going on at the Beauchamp Art Gallery of Baie-Saint-Paul. (16, rue St-Jean Baptiste.)

Both Marie-Linda Bluto and Yvon St-Aubin were present at the Beauchamp Art Gallery and were more than happy to answer the customer’ s questions on their various techniques. All of the viewers were captivated by both of the artists’ work. Over the weekend, in front of all of the customers, Bluto worked on several small pieces (36X6), and St-Aubin finished a 24X30 painting entitled Souvenir du Temps D’ Une Paix.

This event was certainly an experience for the senses and what a sight it was for the eyes! Both artists work so differently. St-Aubin uses vigorous and energetic brushstrokes that well depict his paintings and the vibrant colours that he uses also captures the essence of his character. Bluto, on the other hand, uses paintbrush strokes that are as soft and sensual as are her paintings. Her colour scheme is also very representative of how gentle and sensitive she is.

The event that took place at the Beauchamp Art Gallery of Baie-Saint-Paul was certainly a rewarding experience for anyone who attended the live painting performance of both Bluto and St-Aubin. The paintings that the artists worked on can be seen and purchased at the Beauchamp Art Gallery of Baie-Saint-Paul located at 16, rue St-Jean-Baptiste and at one of the four Beauchamp Art Gallery of Quebec City located at 50, rue Notre-Dame.

A charming visit at Baie-St-Paul; Carl Camiré and Marcel Coté…

The week-end of St-Valentines was certainly very festive at the Beauchamp Art Gallery of Baie-St-Paul. Two very charming artists were present at the gallery which rejoiced all of the customers. Two very different men, whose style of painting is also very diverse. The exchange the artists had with one another, and with the customers, was quite refreshing and gratifying for both parties.

Carl Camiré’s approach to Art is a very spiritual and symbolic one. While Marcel Coté’s approach is based on a humanitarian level. As one artist is preoccupied with transmitting a message, the other is very much concerned and implicated with the human condition and those less fortunate…

It was very interesting to see both personalities wander and interact with the numerous customers who attended the event in Baie-St-Paul:

Carl Camiré brought 15 new paintings to the event and answered questions that related to his source of inspiration and to the message he tries to convey through his paintings. A spiritual message on Energy and on how one must be sensitive to the signs that are sent from above. In his paintings, the tree symbolizes life, and his skies, in proportion to the earth, are always more abundant. However, never once did he reveal his secret as to his technique and the intricate mediums he uses.

Marcel Coté started a 30X48 inch painting in front of the public who could not get their eyes off of his meticulous work. A new attraction was added to his painting, perhaps a glimpse of what he will be painting over the summer… The beautiful, intricate flowers were still part of his painting however. As time was scarce, he was not able to finish his painting but we await it anxiously.

One may find both Carl Camiré and Marcel Coté’s paintings at the Beauchamp Art Gallery of Baie-St-Paul;16, rue St-Jean-Baptiste. As well as find Camiré’s paintings at the Beauchamp Art Gallery Royale et Associés; 124, cote de la Montagne, Quebec, and Coté’s paintings at the Beauchamp Art gallery Royale; 53, rue St-Pierre, Quebec.

Artists in Gallery: Marcel Côté and Carl Camiré in Baie-St-Paul

(Couleur et Mouvement 30×40 by Marcel Côté)

On the 14th and 15th of February 2009, at the Beauchamp Art Gallery in Baie-St-Paul (16, rue St-Jean-Baptiste), artists Marcel Côté and Carl Camiré will be in attendance and painting live on site! Both artists are remarkably talented, and they will be sharing their techniques and talents with you right before your eyes as you watch them create their beautiful pieces. This will be a weekend not to miss for anyone who is an avid appreciator or collector of fine art!

(Chaleur eurythmique 40×40 by Carl Camiré)

Come and experience this event at: the Beauchamp Art Gallery of Baie-St-Paul, 16, rue St-Jean-Baptiste, 1.866.577.2244.

The Quebec Carnaval…a celebration for all age groups…

For the past three weeks we have been hearing the bustling about of happy people from all age groups, roaming the streets of the Old Quebec, some blowing the traditional Carnaval horn, and others just absorbing all the activity that goes on during this Winter Celebration.

Our beautiful Old City has much to offer even in the coldest of months, what a privilege it is to be part of the action. What a bonus it is to be situated right in the middle of all the festivities…Many visitors, as well as locals, came to visit the Beauchamp Art Galleries during the Winter Carnaval… A special thank-you to all those who continued to encourage the various Beauchamp Art Galleries even through the harshest and chilliest of months.

Joyeux Carnaval!!!! Hope to see you next year…

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