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Aline Brochu’s Only Public Exhibition for the past 15 Years

Aline Brochu is a famous artist from Québec who is inspired by photographs of the Old Quebec and Charlevoix that date back as far as the 1920s. Her paintings are considered as little gems collected by art buyers around the world. On Saturday the 7th and Sunday the 8th of February from 12:00 p.m to 4:00 p.m, Aline Brochu will be presenting her new paintings. As she has not performed a public exhibition in 15 years, there should be quite a crowd. People are welcome to ask for her autograph and watch her as she will paint another masterpiece. This exhibition will take place at the Royal Beauchamp Art Gallery situated at 53, rue St-Pierre, Québec. For information: 1.877.694.2244.

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